How does coffee work in your brain? Everybody knows it’s the world’s most widely used stimulant, but what’s the scientific nitty-gritty of it moving inside your gray matter?

Ok, let me start by telling you we’ll talk about caffeine (I know that’s so simple), but we’ll also discuss about adenosine, receptors, and neurons. Add to those, we’re also chatting about the Reticular Activation System, and the dopamine pathways that are related to addictions. So it’s not simple, actually. Now, you have reason to stick around.

While you’re digesting all that, let me boldly declare–your caffeine cravings aren’t all that bad. You’ll see why after sampling this post. Also, it explains why you perk up when you sip kaffa (coffee). And it isn’t just me and my persuasive pen. Science do back me up.

Warmer Upper is known as the most popular stimulant; but the thing is, does it really stimulate the brain? A study says–nope, coffee doesn’t. Hit the video to know why.

Thanks to PHD tv for the coolest animated video.

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