Remember Any Number with the Sound Number System

Remember Any Number with the Sound Number System

What was the last phone number you remembered off the top of your head? Like me, you may only remember certain numbers after using them over and over; and even then you can only keep a select number of those on call.

This interesting Instructable introduces the idea of substituting consonant sounds for numbers. There are ten numbers in our vocabulary and, conveniently, ten major consonants. Here’s how this works:

1 = duh, tuh (d, t) = open, with tongue against the back of the front teeth
2 = nuh (n) = open, with tongue against the roof of the mouth
3 = muh (m) = lips closed
4 = ruh (r) = open, with tongue not touching anything
5 = luh (l) = open, with only the tip of the tongue against the roof
6 = chuh, shuh, juh (ch, sh, j) = lips pursed, with tongue obstructing airflow at the top
7 = guh, kuh (g, k) = open, with back of the tongue covering top of the throat
8 = fuh, vuh (f, v) = front top teeth against lower lip
9 = buh, puh (b, p) = lips closed, with puff of air
0 = suh, zuh (s, z) = open, tip of tongue grazing the roof of the mouth

With this number ‘language’ you can make up a word or phrase to substitute any number.

For example, the number, 978169 uses these consonant sounds: B G F T J B

Now you make up a word or phrase, using any vowels, with those sounds; ie. Big Fat Job

This method would take a lot of practice and some customizing to suit your own memory, but looks very promising. It is

easier remembering words than numbers, isn’t it?

How to TURBO-CHARGE your memory, so you can easily remember ANY NUMBER – [Instructables]

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