Quick Way to Eat All Your Green Vegetables


Between all of the responsibilities at work, school, and with your family, eating the right foods can be an afterthought. Green vegetables are especially last on the list to eat due to their relatively poor taste when compared to meat and sweeter foods. Anyone looking for a quick method to get all the nutrients from green vegetables needs to start making green juice.

As the bulk of the nutrients from any vegetables is in the juice, using this method to get all the nutrients from green vegetables is far more efficient. Where it might be impossible to eat as much celery, spinach, kale, arugula, and cabbage as you need on a daily basis, making a small cup of juice with this concoction can be an delightful snack that is rich in nutrients.

When creating your green vegetable juice, add as many green items as you can (to get chlorophyll benefits), but be sure to include a single green apple. The sugar in this green apple is enough to make the rest of it go down in a much more enjoyable way!

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