Putting An End to Common Reading Myths


If you read a lot, you probably hear these common reading myths on a regular basis:

  • You can’t learn anything from fiction
  • Most people don’t have time to read
  • Reading isn’t an activity
  • If you’re reading (insert anything naysayers want to insult), it’s not really reading

Of course, if head is constantly in the pages of a book, you probably already know these reading myths are just bogus anyway. But just in case you want some good arguments to shut down the haters, Jeff Goins has put together a great collection of ways to shut down those myths.

For example, he points out that if many of the best lessons in the bible are parables, then you must be able to learn something from fiction.

So go ahead, enjoy your favorite book and if someone tries to tell you one of these reading myths, now you have the ammo to shut them down.

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