In Girona, Spain one city bus has elevated going green to a whole new level.


Not only is the Phytokinetic Bus painted green, it is green – there’s a garden on its roof! Landscape artist Marc Grañén created this mobile garden as a means of offsetting the lack of greenery in urban areas. The lack of plants in city spaces leaves us with less clean air to breath. Grañén hopes the Phytokinetic Bus can be a fix.

As the bus races across town, the roof garden absorbs the CO2 emitted by the bus. As photosynthesis takes place the plants release oxygen and cool the interior of the bus. Offering a huge energy savings, the plants serve as a natural air conditioner reducing the temperature inside the bus by 3.5C (38.3ºF). The watering mechanism also saves on energy, because it uses condensation from the bus’s air conditioning system.


For his next trick, Grañén plans to expand his patented mobile greening movement to other types of vehicles and new cities.

Why Not Put Green Roofs on Buses? | Fast Company

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