I’m sure you’ve heard of new car smell before. When you purchase a brand new car, that new car smell is an odor that comes from a combination of all the materials in the car. Depending on how clean you keep your car, the smell can last a few days to a few months. Some people love this smell so much that they go out and purchase new car smell sprays and air fresheners.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to keep the smell of your car “like new,” but what about the rest of your car? How can you clean the inside and outside and make your car look like new again? The infographic below aims to help you with this. It’s a guide to help you professionally detail your car and gives directions for the interior, vacuuming, washing and waxing.

Do you usually do all of these things when cleaning your car? Are there any additional steps that you would add to this infographic?

Detail your car like a professional | Budget Direct

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