A Printer-Friendly Moving Checklist


Are you planning to move in the near future? Then print out this handy moving checklist and make sure you follow the instructions to a tee.

While you don’t need to start focusing on the actual packing during the 5-8 weeks ahead of the move, you can actually start working on many of the important details, such as arranging for your child’s school transfer, selling large items you don’t plan to take with you, cleaning out your shed, etc.

One thing this moving checklist infographic fails to mention is when to actually pack your stuff. I find it is best to start packing everything you don’t need or regularly use about a month in advance. Continue packing throughout the next month, moving on to items you won’t need for the next few weeks, week, month, etc. Pack a “survival kit” with a few dishes, kid’s toys, toilet paper and other necessities and put this in the moving truck last so you can have it on hand while you unpack everything else in your home.

Pack a suitcase with your prescriptions, toiletries and a few days worth of clothes for the move itself and be sure to set aside important documents as well. Keep your suitcase and documents with you at all times during the move, just in case something happens to the rest of your stuff.

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