Not sure if being cold makes you sick? Here's the Answer


So winter is around, have you got hat, scarf, and gloves nearby?

You might hear people saying never to leave your houe during the winter, that’s true; but does the chilly cold temperate makes us sick? If you have been looking for an answer, then here might be the ultimate solution to it.

If you are thinking that getting a cold is due to not dressing properly, then you need to think again.

Guys over AsapScience have made up an awesome video which shows what actually cold is, and the relation between cold and sickness. The video starts of with what cold is and how it is caused by viruses. But the epic part is conclusion, which will surely BLOW your mind!

If you think staying indoors will help you prevent catching a Cold, then you ought to get shock! Basically, if you stay indoors all the time, then you have a higher chance of catching a cold. Because, there are chances that people around you to be sick, it’s more likely that VIRUSES from that infected person will spread to you.

The final conclusion: Avoid other people indoors, try to be outdoors and wait until the Spring!

Via – AsapSCIENCE/Youtube

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