What do you get when you combine fitness, function, and fashion in one?

Survey says…

Nike’s new Tech Fleece Collection.

Although the answer was simple, the process for creating this innovative fabric was not so effortless.

Nike’s new high-tech fleece was completely stripped down and rebuilt to create a streamlined, lightweight fitness fabric that moves with the wearer. The end result is a groundbreaking garment that provides a functional, ergonomic fit, enhanced mobility, and warmth.


More interesting than the end product is the inspiration for the collection – a wetsuit.

When one Nike designer saw a surfer emerging from the water a light bulb went off. The sleek lines, bonded zippers and flat paneling could all be replicated by apparel company. Needless to say, the execution of the ideas was a success. By providing a product that looks as good as it performs Nike has managed to redefine the standard for sports apparel, again.

Nike Unveils A High-Tech Sweatshirt, Inspired By Surfing Gear | Fast Company

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