Michael Rego is a beverage manager at the Stonehurst Manor bed and breakfast. That means he knows his cocktail recipes and while most people stick with the same tried and true drinks throughout their lifetimes, it’s still nice to switch it up and try something new every now and then.

This infographic features 10 cocktail recipes for drinks you probably haven’t tried, but Michael finds most people are pleasantly surprised to discover. While it might not be as healthy as the name implies, The Antioxidant sounds particularly delightful with orange juice, fresh berries, acia-blueberry vodka and pomegranate liqueur. If you want a drink that looks as lovely as it tastes, The Emerald City  cocktail recipe combines Midori, vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and lemon juice for a green treat that is eye catching as well as delicious.

cocktail recipes

DIY Mixology: Michael’s 10 Most Popular Drink Recipes | Visual.ly

Here are 5 quick and refreshing summer cocktails you can prepare for you and your guests while you enjoy some quality leisure time (and still stay productive in the process): 5 Quick and Refreshing Summer Cocktails

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