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A New Perspective On Battling Poverty

In this social experiment from The Pilion Trust a man walks through London wearing a sandwich board that states “Fuck The Poor”. As you can see, passersby don’t agree with the sentiment and a few even confront the man. However, when the man wears a similar board asking that the public “Help The Poor” and very few even acknowledge him.

As a charity that has been severely affected by the nationwide decrease in charitable donations (20 per cent) and government cuts (60 per cent). We understand that some may be shocked by this footage. We are more offended however, that people across the United Kingdom are living in adverse poverty.” – Savvas Panas, chief executive of The Pilion Trust.

This is an extremely interesting take on poverty: it’s clear that people care when their fellow human beings are being victimised, however they choose to ignore helping when confronted with the usual pleas. Why do you think this is?

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