Methods to Quickly Go Through Laundry


Finishing your laundry as quickly and efficiently as possible is the goal of most individuals. While it is comforting and provides far better hygiene, it is still nice to use a few laundry hacks from Tee Junction in order to make the entire process a little less painful.

1. Japanese folding – by utilizing efficient “Japanese folding” methods, you can fold t-shirts in a fraction of the time.
2. Clean appliances – if these aren’t cleaned, they will not work properly. Make sure you clean them as soon as you can.
3. Use less detergent – there is no reason to add too much detergent to your wash. Use less to save time and money
4. Load / unload at once – wrap your clothing and move them from one place to another to save time loading and unloading
5. Buy new socks – stop worrying about the single, worn sock that you lost in the wash
6. Clean immediately – if you have a stain on your clothing, get rid of it as quickly as possible. See infographic!
7. Wash less – get more clothes and you will not have to wash so often!


Original source – Washing Your Clothes Quickly and Efficiently [Tee Junction]

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