Make Your Own Flavored Mayonnaise


If you’ve only had store-bought mayonnaise, then you’ve never had real mayonnaise. In fact, many people who think they hate mayo would be surprised just how amazing the homemade version is (it’s similar to the rich aioli sauce you’ll find at many upscale restaurants, only aioli usually has garlic and mayonnaise has vinegar). When you start adding in new ingredients to create flavored mayonnaise, things can only become more amazing as you go.

While you could always buy Best Foods and add in flavorings, or even buy flavored mayonnaise varieties from the store, the taste and texture will never compare to the recipe in this great infographic from Illustrated Bites.

If you make a large batch, make sure you eat it all within a week and, if you have lots of leftover egg whites, consider making an angel food cake or other recipe that only uses the whites of the egg.

flavored mayonnaise



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