Make Learning About Programming Fun For Your Kids Using KIBO



It’s no mystery that programming and computer science are the skills of the future.

Yet kids have a difficult time embracing the technical aspects of such skills due to their one-sided and monotonous nature. That’s all about to change thanks to KIBO.

KIBO is an educational toy for kids that highlights the general overview of programming.

This is important because the earlier children grasps how programming works, the better they will fair in choosing a productive path in school.


One of the reasons why KIBO stands out from other toys that focus on programming is due to the method of learning. No screen or tablet is incorporated in the process. Instead, kids are required to string together blocks to create patterns, inputs/outputs and etc.

This technique makes the educational side of programming tangible. Kids will be able to literally build a working program with their bare hands. Now that’s exciting!

KIBO: Young kids programming robots with wooden blocks | Kickstarter

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