Liven up a boring bedroom


The folks over at Real Simple give some advice about how to liven up a boring bedroom. Real Simple gives some tips about how to improve the artwork, curtains, lighting, furniture, bedding, and rugs for cheap. The tips are very appropriate for those of us who want to redecorate without spending a lot of money.

Away with florals: The tailored look of the richly colored reversible bedding suits both him and her. The accent pillow picks up the silver of the frames and lamps above.

Brushed-nickel wall-mounted lamps take up zero table space, provide soft reading light, and can be pointed away from the eyes of a sleeping bed partner.

Sheets of construction paper in colors keyed to the rug and the bed linens were slipped into standard frames— an easy, inexpensive alternative to custom-framed art.

Liven up a boring bedroom – [Real Simple]

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