In most parts of the world, clean water is a luxury.

With LifeStraw Go, you can have clean water instantly, without paying a hefty price. Unlike the first version (LifeStraw), this upgrade allows you to store water in a bottle.

If you’re in the middle of nowhere and you don’t want to hang around the only pond or lake within a 100-mile radius (hint: water sources attract wild animals), you need the powerful water filter.

Apart from emergencies, LifeStraw Go is great to have during camping trips. No more carrying large jugs of drinking water up and down long hikes. Now you can bring a light water bottle, allowing you to carry more important things such as your trusty compass and canned items.

For the environmentally friendly folks out there, LifeStraw Go is BPA-free and does not put harmful chemicals back in the water during its use.

LifeStraw Go | Firebox

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