Learn How to Make the Most of the Tiniest Apartment


In some places, making a moderate income is still enough to provide you with a two bedroom home. But in big cities like New York, London and San Francisco, even a good wage still will leave you with nothing more than an apartment. If you ever feel like you’ve been stuffed into the world’s tiniest apartment, take inspiration from Christian Schallert.

Christian lives in Barcelona in the tiniest apartment space -only 258 square feet, but his living quarters still feel incredibly spacious thanks to the impressively well thought out layout he created. Taking inspiration from the living spaces inside of houseboats, he converted the tiniest of apartments into a comfortable, relaxing place to live by adding dozens of hideaway compartments for the kitchen, bed and more.

Sure most of us would never be able to fit all of our things into an apartment this minuscule, but as Christian points out, “at the end of the day,…you need a nice comfortable mattress,…running water,… and a stove to cook something.”


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