Everyone has a different favourite thing about summer. Since I live in England, my favourite thing is being able to go outside without six layers of clothing and an umbrella, even if it is only for one day.

Here, Kid President has shared his five things that make summer awesome and has included a way that you can help the world today:

Soul Pancake have gone on to explain that, “During the school year, 21 million school children receive free or reduced-price lunch — but during summer, 90% of those 21 million kids have limited or no access to meals they receive when school is in session.”

“So, in order to make this summer MORE awesome, Kid President has teamed with ConAgra Foods to raise awareness of child hunger this summer. The ConAgra Foods Foundation is donating the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America for every view, like, or share of this video! Thanks to your incredibly positive response so early-on, the ConAgra Foods Foundation has doubled its commitment to 2 million meals.”

So make sure you share this video and help feed America!

Kid President’s 5 Things Make Summer Awesome | Soul Pancake

Featured photo credit: Kid President’s 5 Things Make Summer Awesome | Soul Pancake via youtube.com

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