If Your Mind Was A Garden

The use of a garden as a metaphor for the mind works because it indicates the need for growth and maintainance. If your mind were a garden how would you keep it functioning? What would you plant? Does much grow or is it overrun with weeds?

Picture, if you will, a flat chunk of land with lots of water. A swamp, right? The water stays where it is because there’s no elevation change to make it flow away. This is what your mind is like when what you build your beliefs upon is what you learn from the world around you. Everything you believe is informed by your human experience of creation. The lay of the land (your consciousness) affects the flow of water (your thoughts). And you know what’ll happen if water remains standing too long? Funkiness. Stench. Mosquitos. Stagnation. So how do you get it flowing?

MonkAtWork suggests preparing your soil, planting seeds close together and pulling the weeds as early as possible.

How To Improve Your Mind’s Ecology – [MonkAtWork]

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