Whether you’re planning on doing a 5k or a 42k marathon, training should be fun, exciting and productive.

Spending countless hours on the treadmill can get boring, making you less motivated for the big day.

In order to keep spirits high, we’d like to introduce the ultimate 5k training plan. These new and creative exercises can breathe life back into your old routines.

Most of the workouts can be performed in your backyard or an open field. You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. Chances are you already have the things you need in your home.

Workouts such as skipping rope and planking will test your core strength, while planting trees (yes, that’s one of the exercises) and doing squats will target your durability.

For those who want to increase the difficulty level of the exercises found in the infographic, we recommend doing them with added weights.

Fun 5K Training Ideas | Infographic Journal

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