How to Stay Healthy When You're Travelling


For busy professionals trying to get a bit of exercise, spending time in hotel rooms and traveling abroad can make things difficult. Most people decide to give up and avoid exercise altogether, but there are ways of getting a full workout with nothing more than the items in your hotel room. Using some of the tips and tricks below, you will always have what you need to get at least some physical exercise into your life.

1. Push-ups – you might not think much about push-ups, but try doing 100 or more in a single setting. These use your own body weight in order to help work your shoulders, chest, and even parts of your back
2. Dips – if you have a chair (or even with a bed or couch), you can put both arms on the seat and dip your body down to the ground. This will help work your tricep muscles with a simple exercise.
3. Lunges – in order to work on your lower body, make sure to do some lunges both forwards and backwards. You can put something in your hands to weigh you down a bit as well.
4. Planking – while laying on your stomach in the form of a plank has grown popular, there is a much older planking exercise. Hold your body weight up on your forearms while in pushup position for 90 seconds at least twice.

With this workout, you’ll be able to break a sweat, stay in shape, and work all the necessary parts of your body in a quick and convenient routine.


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