How to Stay Healthy Even Without Any Food


For much of human evolution, our species have been primarily hunter-gatherers. Only since the agricultural revolution around 8 – 10,000 years ago have we started to really cultivate our own food. Still, with all this focus on food, it is easy to forget that all we really need is the nutrients. In a fantastic experiment, Rob Rhinehart took action on his theory that it is possible to avoid food if all nutrients are still ingested in liquid form.

Hormones in the stomach, caused by a lack of nutrients, are often the cause of hunger. In order to prevent or satiate hunger, it is possible to simply drink a formula that includes many of the nutrients that your body needs (including all essential vitamins and minerals).

Drinking your daily nutrients can help you in a multitude of ways. According to the experiment, he went from spending $470 on food to $50. In addition, he reduced his time spent cooking from 2 hours to 5 minutes per day. Best of all, he was able to improve his health through the use of his nutrient drink.

How I Stopped Eating Food [Rob Rhinehart]

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