Ever noticed how hard it is to find a good picture of yourself? In most cases, it is because of the unnatural smile that you make. Using some of the tips we have listed below, you will be able to smile in a much more natural way so that all your photos look great.

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1. Don’t say cheese – saying this will actually stretch your mouth in an unnatural way. Instead, opt for words ending with an “uh” sound (like toga)
2. Laugh to yourself – before the photo is taken chuckle to yourself to get a natural smile to your laugh.
3. Tip of your tongue behind your front teeth – this can help your lips get into a more relaxed position, but should be done without being seen
4. Relax your facial muscles – don’t make your face too tense or it will be even more unnatural.

How to Smile Naturally for Photos [YouTube]

Featured photo credit: Young woman taking a picture with an old camera via Shutterstock

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