How to Simplify Life: Less is The New More


Life is complicated. We can (and should) simplify how we live because it not only reduces stress, it also helps us to see what we really need. If we look at our own lives, there are many things that we think that we need when there are perfectly good, cheaper alternatives or — in fact — not needed at all. Joey B has written an article that helps demonstrates some of the things you can do to declutter and simplify life.

Simple is a form of beauty. You can’t argue with the elegance of minimal architecture or interior design. Simple means easier to understand, cleaner, and leaves room for imagination.

Stopped buying stuff I don’t need to impress people I don’t care about.

To live life the way I want to live them, which is to be able to live wherever I want, I need to keep the stuff I carry around to the bare minimum. Getting rid of the need to buy the latest gadget or a souvenir is not easy, but when your goal is to be able to fit your life into one suitcase, it’s totally worth it.
The souvenirs example is an important one. When you think about it, the value of the item you bought in a place you visited, or got as a present from a new friend, is in the memory of it. By having a picture of it, you’ll get the same effect, and carry less. Today I spend most of my money on experiences rather than physical items.


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