It’s holiday season, a super stressed out time if we are catering for family and friends. Not everyone enjoys Thanksgiving or Christmas, particularly if we are responsible for arranging and organizing the holiday season get togethers and occasions so that everyone else can have a good time. Well, we have a Lifehack Lesson that can help you with all the fussy elements such as planning and arranging everything in advance. It’s a good way to prevent you overthinking, getting stressed out and helps you to keep a clear mind on what to do next.

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Here’s an excerpt from this lesson -

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” states a popular line from a Charles Dickens’ classic. And many of us might agree that this famous contradiction could certainly apply to yearly holiday gatherings as well. There’s no doubt about it: spending time with family and friends can create cherished moments and beautiful memories. But, far too often it can also cause stress, disappointment, disharmony and burnout.

Here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to be that way…

Would you like to experience a sense of joy and peace over the holidays? Are you seeking to get more accomplished with less anxiety? Would you like to take the guess work out of dealing with problematic guests?

You’ll find needed answers here.

This lesson will provide readers with strategies, principles, and timely tips to make the holiday season worth celebrating and duplicating. Discover how having the right mindset, the right expectations, and the right planning can contribute to greater holiday cheer, and a better overall experience. Here’s what you’ll find in four strategic sections:

Part 1 – Mental Preparation – Mind/Over matter

We’ll explore the importance of realistic expectations, how your thoughts shape your experience, and how to recognize (and combat) some common holiday pressures.

Part 2 – Organizational Preparation

Find out how to approach holiday planning in a productive, orderly fashion for greater efficiency.

Part 3 – Environmental Preparation

No holiday celebration can be successful without the right “atmosphere”. This section will address important cleaning and decorating tips to enhance your place and provide the right aesthetics.

Part 4 – Food Preparation

Want to wow family members and friends with your culinary skills and creativity in the kitchen? This section is devoted to do’s and don’ts for serving your guests, preparing dishes and “working smarter, not harder”.

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