If you have ever followed your favorite team through a busy day at work, it can be frustrating to not have the latest scores and highlights. For those making sports bets, it can be even harder to make decisions where real money is on the line. However, with modern technology it is not at all difficult to get the latest information in your hands so that you can cheer your favorite team to victory.

A Bang the Book blog post has detailed a list of the most relevant sports apps that you can utilize in order to stay up to date with all of the sports events that are going on.

espn sports centreESPN ScoreCenter 2ESPN ScoreCenter 3

1. ESPN Score Center [Android, iOS] – this app will provide you with a holistic look at sports in general. With news stories and relevant stats, you can quickly search from sport to sport to never be behind again.

Score Mobile 1Score Mobile 2Score Mobile 3
2. Score Mobile [Android, iOS] – this app is relevant for sports betting particularly, but also great for anyone that loves fantasy leagues. With information relevant to the minute, this app can inform you about any developments or trends that you must know.

nba 1nba 2nba 3
3. NBA Courtside [Android, iOS] – getting specific to sports, this app is best for people who want to follow the latest basketball information only. Parsing sports can be tough, but this makes it easy to focus on what you like best

NFL 12 1NFL 12 3NFL 12 2

4. NFL ’12 [Android, iOS] – much like the basketball app, this focuses on football with live updates, coverage of news, and full statistics.

goal.com 2goal.com 3goal.com
5. Goal.com Mobile [Android, iOS] – taking wild success from the website, the Goal.com mobile app allows people to get the best information and make relevant and quick decisions.

MLB Full count 1MLB Full count 3MLB Full count 2
6. MLB Full Count [Android, iOS– much like the previous three apps, this is a dedicated baseball smart phone app that will enable you to get the most statistical data and provide you with all the relevant information that you need on the sport.

Original source: Best Sports Betting Apps to Stay Relevant [Bang the Book]

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