How To Make Your Wallet Super Slim

How To Make Your Wallet Super Slim

This actually came up yesterday in my house and I think, to be honest, some people will always have a massive George Costanza wallet.

LifeClever have put together a list of ways to get things down to size. You really don’t need all that stuff in there, so I guess the basic principle is prioritize and think about what you actually need.

The first step to a super-slim wallet, is to simply get a smaller one. This forces you to ask:

  • What do I absolutely need and use everyday?
  • Why are there so many gum wrappers and receipts in my wallet?
  • Should I really use my wallet as a photo album and a Rolodex?
  • Do I really need 10+ credit and rewards cards?

Instead of buying a bigger wallet to fit more, get a smaller wallet to fit less. Here’s a selection of super-slim wallets that purposely don’t hold a lot:

  • The Jimi – The choice of Silicon Valley tech-geeks, called “the wallet for people who hate wallets.”
  • The SlimSlimmy – Claims to be the “slimmest” wallet on earth.
  • The card holder – One-pocket leather card holder.
  • The binder clip – The most minimal of all. Cheap, durable, and versatile.

There’s 7 other tips over there so check it out. What do you use?

The secrets of a super-slim wallet – [LifeClever]

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