How to Make Your Own Lip Gloss At Home


Love the silky feeling of lip gloss, but hate spending big cash on something you go through so quickly? Then make your own. The process is fairly simple, as Womenio explains in this tutorial, and you can even customize your lip glosses to suit your needs -adding extra lip care, tints, scents and more. The idea of adding Kool Aid powder is a great one for those who value tasty lip gloss.


While it’s not included in the linked recipe, I’ve found that homemade lip gloss with a touch of Neosporin and a lot of Shea butter can heal even the worst chapped lips in only a few days.

Craft stores even sell empty lip gloss tubes and pots, so which ever you prefer to store your gloss in, you’re covered. They also sell quite a few essential oils so you can flavor your lip gloss accordingly.

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