How to Make Real Fruit Water


Vitamin Water tastes great, but it’s expensive and loaded with calories. How do you get just a tiny taste of real fruit juice in your water, and the vitamins that come with them, without spending a fortune on fancy pre-bottled drinks? It’s easy if you have the Aqua Zinger. Just load the bottom chamber with your favorite fruits and herbs, put on the blade attachment, give it a few spins and then attach the water chamber to infuse the water. Each bottle creates 28 ounces of flavored water and you can even reuse the fruit once so you don’t need to add in fresh fruit over and over every time you use it.

aqua-zinger water flavorer

For those who prefer a little citrus in their water and don’t want to have to chop up their oranges and lemons before adding them to their water, there is also the Citrus Zinger. Add in a bit of sugar and you can easily make your own lemonade or limeade on the go.

Here’s a video of the Aqua Zinger at work:


Source – InventorSpot

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