How To Make A Soda Can Stove

How To Make A Soda Can Stove

Here’s a great camping hack to use two aluminum beverage cans to make a small and portable 15 minute stove.

It’s small, so uses would be limited. Outside of small meats and eggs etc, how about Absynth and sugar?

Things You’ll Need

  • 2 aluminum cans, for example, soft drink cans, beer cans; they must be in good condition, with no dents
  • Push pin (a pin with a plastic head)
  • Hammer (small)-optional
  • Sharp knife, utility blade or scissors
  • ¼ cup perlite
  • If making your own stand : Wire coat hanger (remove any paint with sandpaper beforehand)
    Fuel – denatured alcohol, methanol or absolute ethanol. Denatured alcohol is inexpensive and available at any hardware or big box store. Absolute ethanol will be harder to find and a lot more expensive.
  • Some leak-proof container to carry your extra fuel. Camp stores have a selection of appropriate bottles that close tightly and dispense cleanly. Clearly mark the fuel bottle. Denatured alcohol contains methanol, which can cause blindness and death if swallowed. Do not use a bottle which resembles a water bottle; you definitely don’t want to drink from the wrong one at night.

How to Make a Simple Beverage Can Stove – [WikiHow]

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