How to Make a Camera Flash Diffuser With a Cigarette Pack


Built-in camera flashes make low-light photography infinitely more practical, but typical flash photography leaves the subject looking washed out, shiny and flat. Professional photographers often work around this by using a camera flash diffuser, but for those who want great-looking night photos without spending a fortune (or those who left their diffusers at home), an empty pack of cigarettes can be be utilized to the same purpose.

flash diffuser

As Instructables user monkeywithagun points out, the process is rather simple and requires only a SLR with a built-in flash, an empty cigarette pack and a pocket knife. Essentially, you just need to carefully remove the foil lining and then put it back in the cigarette box with the shiny side facing inwards. You then simply place the box on the flash and start shooting.

For a fully detailed set of instructions and to see images taken with the adaptation, don’t miss this Instructable.

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