For parents, trying to get kids to sleep is an eternal problem. Late naps, hunger, playfulness, and excitement are all reasons for kids to avoid sleeping no matter how much they might regret it in the future. As parents, it is your job to get them to sleep, but sometimes that is easier said than done no matter how much discipline you try to use.

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toddler on big bed There are a few methods to help toddlers get to sleep quicker. One great one is to use a larger bed that will give them plenty of room to move around. Why this helps toddlers sleep is largely unknown, but it has been shown to work. Also, make sure naptime is not too late in the day or else you’ll have a much harder time keeping the kids on schedule and sleeping at a time when they know they need to be in bed. Finally, allow toddlers to make their own sleeping decisions sometimes. If they want to sleep on the floor, let them. They want to explore and it will avoid fighting that can reduce sleep time.

What to do when your toddler won’t go to sleep? [Parent Hacks]

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