How to Get More from Your Toothpaste


Everyone has toothpaste at home, but for most of us, it’s a one-trick pony; you only use it to brush your teeth. But toothpaste actually can be used for all kinds of useful purposes, 20 of which can be found at this article on Womenio.


A few of the many things you probably didn’t know toothpaste can be used for: cleaning jewelry, repairing scratched CDs, cleaning headlights, relieving itching from bug bites and styling your hair.

Best of all, most of the uses are incredibly simple. For example, to repair a scratched CD or DVD, just rub the toothpaste on and then gently rub it off with a clean, soft cloth. To clean your headlight, mix the paste with a bit of warm water and use a buffing pad to clean your light.

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