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How To Cure Hiccups

How To Cure Hiccups

There’s a million ways, but sometimes it takes them all to get rid of the buggers. Hiccups aren’t as fun as they look. Thankfully, WikiHow has some of the best methods I’ve seen to cure what inhales you.

Drink Entire Glass of Water While Blocking Both Ear and Nose
1. Fill to the brim a glass of water.
2. With your thumbs, plug your ears.
3. With your index fingers, plug your nostrils (squeeze to close)
4. With both ears and nostrils plugged, use your remaining free fingers to grasp the glass and raise it to your mouth.
5. Drink the entire glass of water without releasing ears or nostrils.
6. YOU MUST FINISH THE ENTIRE GLASS OF WATER without releasing ears or nostrils!
7. Once empty, gently place the glass on the table and SLOWLY unplug ears and nostrils and take a first breath.
8. Hiccups are gone!
9. IMPORTANT: PLEASE AVOID ATTEMPTING THIS CURE IN THE PRESENCE OF people who will make fun of you and try to make you laugh. DO IT ALONE THE FIRST TIMES and you’ll soon be able to suggest it to your friends and other “unbelievers”.

There’s around 44 methods over there, none too boring to read. Personally, the best is still being frightened. Nothing better than a good scare to get those hiccups out.

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