Today, we are offering up a new Lifehack Lesson on How to Build a Creative Habit in 30 Days. This Lesson will join our growing library of guides that can help you do things like plan your first application, become a meditator, and even set up a basic productivity system. Today’s lesson gives you an in depth plan and approach to working towards creating and maintaining a creative habit in your life.

This Lesson will be available for a limited time and after that period you can purchase a subscription to Lifehack Lessons for $4.99 a month that will give you access to all future and previous Lessons.

Here is a little bit about this week’s Lesson:

Jack London, famous fiction writer and journalist at the turn of the century, said that, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”. Becoming creative isn’t a matter of of just “being creative” or doing some creative work here and there. It’s a practice, job, and lifestyle. You have to put in the effort every single day to become creative and find your inspiration.

Rather than sit on your laurels, you can follow a 4 week plan (with the help of some Creativity Reminders and Resources) to become a creative machine in any realm; writing, photography, dancing, programming, business creation, etc. All it takes is a nose-to-the-grindstone approach and a little habit creation.

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