How to Better Understand Pregnancy


Everyone who ever took sex ed or received the “birds and the bees” understands how women get pregnant and where babies come from. But how exactly does pregnancy transform a fertilized egg into a newborn baby?

This useful infographic explains how a pregnancy will progress throughout the weeks. As you can see, it takes eight weeks for the baby to grow to be the size of a grape. By week 15, the baby has already grown to the size of a tomato -40 times its weight only seven weeks before that. By week 32, the baby has developed fully-functional lungs, fingers, and hair, and it’s grown to the size of a honey dew melon.

Around eight weeks later, the baby will reach its full size -around the shape of a watermelon and the next thing you know, mommy’s water will break and the baby will pop out, ready to see the world.

pregnancy week by week

Original Source – intoloop

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