How Sex Can Improve Your Health


Most people can agree that sex is fun, but did you know it can actually be good for your health too? It’s true; in fact, a healthy sex life can make you less susceptible to colds, stress, depression, heart disease, prostate cancer and more. Sex can also help lower your blood pressure, make you look younger, enhance your sense of smell and boost your brain power.

In addition, for those trying to have a baby, sex can have additional benefits besides the obvious. When men orgasm every day for seven days in a row, the quality of their sperm increases, making fertilization more likely. Once the woman is pregnant, continuing to have sex can help reduce the likelihood of a pregnancy complication called preeclampsia.

Of course, these benefits can easily be outweighed by unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, so remember to always have safe sex. But as long as you’re keeping everything safe, getting it on can help you and your partner stay happy and healthy together.

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