How To Protect your Home from Severe Weather



You may have noticed that winter is upon us (well, some of us). Biting winds, freezing cold, ice, snow and plenty of rain, sure is fun. With all this severe weather, how can we keep our homes safe and protected? Here are eight steps to help you protect your home this winter:

Step One

Ensure your loft is well-insulated, so that heat won’t seep out and it’s harder for the cold get in.

Step Two

Lag pipes to protect them.

Step Three

Frequently clean out your guttering to reduce ice and risk of overflow.

Step Four

Get any dripping taps fixed.

Step Five

Open the loft door and cupboards to help circulate heat.

Step Six

Make sure windows are well sealed.

Step Seven

Service your boiler regularly.

Step Eight

Make sure you know were your homes’ stopcock is in case a pipe bursts.

Protect your Property from Severe Weather | Direct Line For Business

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