I have a few questions here and we’ll be answering them in this short post.

What is a spiritual experience?

Why do some video game players say they have felt something similar to a spiritual experience while playing a video game?

Ryan Hornbeck, a cognitive anthropologist recently studied spirituality in a totally unexpected and weird place–The video game called The World of Warcraft. He studied Chinese players who are mostly atheist but they have expressed their thoughts and feelings about having spiritual experiences while, of all things, playing a video game. His conclusion is that all the raiding and healing are creating intense spiritual connectedness. What? Really? Games can evoke spiritual experiences? If so, how?

Judge for yourself, I’ll show you a comment from a person who watched this video:

touching comment

So… once again, can video games evoke experiences that can be labelled as spiritual? If so, how?

Want to miss the answers? (which I think is unlikely), don’t watch the video produced by PBS Game/Show.


Featured photo credit: Can video games be a spiritual experience? via youtube.com

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