Back in the days when Billie Jean was the biggest hit, you would put on your dancing shoes and moonwalk like Michael Jackson, every chance you got. But that was decades ago. Your moves are a bit rusty now. Luckily, designer Jacob O’Neal came out with this animated infographic showing you how to execute the dance step once again. Perfectly, and with mucho bravado this time!

Frankly, in the 80s no dance move comes close to matching the popularity of moonwalk. It actually became Michael Jackson’s signature move throughout his career. And because of this fact, the king of pop will surely give you a high five if he sees you moonwalking in your next high school reunion. Even if you know he would be doing it from another dimension!

Original Source: Alltop Via Twitter @GuyKawasaki

Featured photo credit: How to moonwalk/Jacob O’Neal via via

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