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How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should You Pack For Your Trip?

One of the weirdest things about travelling is the amount of intense thought that can be put into how many pairs of underwear you should pack. Sure, if it’s a short trip then it’s not so bad but if you’re going away for a while all of a sudden your bordering on mental breakdown due to counting pants and days and laundry trips that may or may not happen. It’s a mess.

Fortunately, traveler Reed Kennedy and his friend Carrie Smith have come up with the following two graphs that you can use to make sure you are travelling with the optimum number of pants. You’re most welcome.


So, say you’re going away for 14 days; according to this chart the best number of pants to take would be 15. This number is worked out by following the chart down from the number of days you will be away for until you get the number in gold, follow it across and BOOM: pants-math-accomplished.

The second chart will also help you figure out how much laundry you’re going to need to do based on how many pants you take. Use both these charts and you’ll be the envy of all paranoid over-packers and that one guy who’s been turning his pants inside out for the last three days.


Pack Like A Nerd | Reed Kennedy

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