How to Manage Back Pain


Anyone who has ever suffered from back pain knows how debilitating it can be. A pain-free back is essential to bodily comfort, as back pain issues often affect overall movement. Back pain is generally divided into two categories, acute and chronic, with more research underway about neuropathic or nerve pain. Depending the type of pain you are experiencing, treatment can range from simple exercises and topical treatments to intensive rehabilitative treatment and surgery.

Types of Back Pain

Acute back pain is defined as pain that lasts anywhere from three to six months.due to strained muscles or ligament sprains. It can occur due to improper lifting or sleep position, poor sitting or standing posture, sudden and strenuous activity, sports injuries, bending forward too long, and carrying heavy objects. Pregnancy, poor muscle tone, and excess weight can also contribute to acute back pain. Acute back pain usually heals with home treatments as long as there is no re-injury.

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