How To Make Hazy Photo Easily With A Sandwich Bag


Sometimes all it takes to bring out your creative flare is a way-to-obvious and simple little trick.  Here is one that you already have all the materials for at home.

This is a simple trick from pro photographer Jesse David McGrady to create hazy photos, with the center almost clear and the edges foggy – for atmosphere.

First, take a small, clear plastic bag, and rip a hole in the bottom.  Don’t use scissors; you want a random edge.

Bag with a hole

Second, slip the bag around the lens (yes, this works only on a camera with a standard lens, not a pocket camera). Make sure the ripped end of the bag sticks out a little beyond the end of the lens, but make sure the center of the lens has a clear shot (if you want clarity near the center of your photo).

Third, snap away like a pro.

Shhot hazy photos with a clear plastic bag.

BONUS TIP: Use a marker to add random color to the plastic bag and see how that changes the mood in your photos.

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