How To Make Delicious Ramen That's Better Than Instant (and cheaper too!)


Instant Ramen is a poor version of noodles you can devour at ramen restaurants. Good news, you can make your own at home that’s better than instant ramen. What’s more, you can make them for even less that those cheap ones at the supermarket.

Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella Blog shows us how simple and easy this is (well, relatively). Besides salt, flour, and water, she recommends using Kansui (lye water). This gives ramen the distinctive chewy texture, and that golden yellowish color you desire. This is actually the secret of Asians’ best export. In case you won’t be able to avail of lye water (Asian groceries are your best bet), you can use eggs and baking soda as substitute.

A pasta machine can help you do the job quickly. This way, you don’t need to cut the noodles manually. however, if you have time and you enjoy preparing food, you can go ahead and cut the noodles yourself.

The result? Saliva inducing noodles. You know what goes into them and they possess that desirable springy bite, and a kind of texture that’s not attainable with instant ramen. 4 servings of noodles prepared with kansui costs lower than 50c. It’s quite easy to make it for much less than the price of grocery ramen. I cook them stir fried and in soup. Either way, they retain that delectable texture I look for.

Go, get that guide to DIY delicious ramen. Click the link.

Make Your Own Ramen from Scratch! | Not Quite Nigella


Original Source: Make Your Own Delicious Ramen That’s Even Cheaper Than Instant by Melanie Pinola

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