It’s pretty important that your child knows how to read, however not every kid is naturally inclined to pick up a book. Fortunately, Lovereading 4 Kids is here to help:



So, here’s how you get your kids to start and love reading:

Step One: Read regularly in front of your child.
This will promote the idea of reading for pleasure and not just as a chore or for homework.

Step Two: Make it a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Step Three: Discuss the reading material.
This will ensure your child has understood the book and will inspire imagination.

Step Four: Encourage.

Step Five: Explore different types of books. 

Step Six: Go with their interests.

Step Seven: Use different platforms.
Such as e-books, or audio books if your child is not ready to read full books and needs a little inspiration.

Hopefully, your child will love exploring the world of literature. It all starts with a little push.

Getting Your Kids To Love Reading | Lovereading 4 Kids

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