Whether you’re in the market for some new furniture or just love to collect antiques, Because It’s Awesome’s guide to finding vintage furniture on Craigslist is something you definitely need to check out. Aside from the useful Craigslist keywords list below, she also suggests:

  • Making sure you’re on the picture view mode so you can see the furniture and scroll through the results quickly
  • Checking different categories, for example, antiques, collectibles and furniture as many great items could fit in a number of Craigslist categories
  • Searching for very specific terms under the entire for sale category so you find what you want without worrying about where they are categorized
  • Acting fast because you never know when someone will snatch up your dream item while you’re still looking at Craigslist
  • Trying out different spellings, keywords and other terms that people might use to describe the item you want


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Featured photo credit: Vignette w red swivel via Flickr

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