How To Draw Your Hand In 3D


Whether you’re looking for something to fill five minutes or you need a fun activity to do with your kids, drawing 3D hands is a pretty fun, easy activity. Here’s the simple way to draw your hand in 3D:

You will need:

  • A pencil.
  • Blank paper.
  • Coloured highlighters/ markers.
  • A hand.

Step One: Gather your supplies so they are within arms reach.

Step Two: Using a pencil, lightly trace your hand and wrist.

Step Three: With a marker, draw straight lines across the paper, curving your line up when within the drawing of your hand.

Step Four: Using at least three other coloured markers or highlighters, fill the gaps between the lines.

Step Five (optional): Add some shading to the outline of your hand to make the 3D effect even more prominent.

How To Draw Your Hand In 3D | Handimania

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