How to Disguise Unsightly Yard Objects


Tree stumps, air conditioning units, septic tank lids, cellar doors…there are numerous objects in backyards that take attention away from flower beds, vegetable gardens and yard ornaments. Luckily there are numerous ways to disguise these objects, some of which might inspire friends and family to do the same with various “detractors” in their yards!


The decision to install a central air conditioning unit or cut down a dying or diseased tree leaves you with the problem of whether to hide the remaining eyesores. Cellar or bulkhead doors, which are often called Bilco doors as Bilco is a leading manufacturer of such entryways, usually come with the house, but that’s no reason to leave it as is. The same is true of septic tank lids. Whether you opt to hide unsightly yard objects or find a way to decorate them, there’s numerous options that work well and won’t interfere with the appliance, if applicable.

Hiding Unsightly Yard Objects

Use the following tips and tricks to disguise assorted eyesores in your backyard.

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