How to Create Swans from Apples that Foodies Love To Eat!


Cooking is an art. Now in shool you have learned that this creative endeavor deals with seven elements in order to function and be expressed well. What are the elements of art? Let me enumerate them:

> line
> shape
> form
> space
> texture
> value
> color

I will leave out the 6 and focus on one which is shape because that is what we’re going to deal with on this post. When you talk about food, what comes to mind next is the sense of taste, right? However, let’s not forget that the sense of sight is also a big factor why food is a delectable thing.

Moving on, everyone has tasted apples, I’m pretty sure about that but have you tasted apples shaped as swans? If you haven’t then pretty soon you will because we will learn how to create swans from apples today. Edible swans out of apples, anyone? Watch the video below and learn in a few minutes how to carve swans from apples. Now your dinner table will become more appealing and will look more appetizing with edible swans as food decoration.

Featured photo credit: How to make an edible apple swanvia The king of

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