How to Cool the Home Naturally


Learning how to cool the home naturally is important whether you own an air conditioner or no. Natural or “passive” cooling is essential in the prevention of heat gain, or when certain areas of a house absorb more heat and make the home uncomfortable. Natural cooling saves energy and therefore money.

Air conditioning and heating systems generate some half a billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year and produce about 24 percent of the U.S.’s sulfur dioxide emissions. Whether you have window units, central air conditioning systems, or rely on fans to keep your house cool, there are several areas of the home that are “heat vampires.” These include windows, doors and attics/roofs.

If you have window units or a central air system, learning how to improve their efficiency will save you money as the units/system will not have to work as hard to keep the home cool. Passive cooling techniques generally include shading/landscaping, using reflective barriers and insulating/weatherstripping.

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